Got a room with a view?

Turner Prize-winning artist Gillian Wearing wants footage of your view for a global film collaboration, 'A View Of The World From Your Window'


Got a room with a view?

Internationally acclaimed British artist Gillian Wearing is asking the public to film their view as they open the curtain or blind. The project is a unique, global, collective filmmaking experience, which celebrates the diversity of the human experience.

The premise is simple. Whether it's an urban perspective or remote countryside, simply take a shot of your view and submit it to the project. The vistas are then edited together into a seamless film where the viewer is transported around the world.

Gillian has so far collected 300 views from more than 60 countries. To complete the project she is looking to have a view from every country, including places that are harder to reach such as Syria and North Korea.

Those taking part do not need lots of technical experience to participate, the only stipulation is that the camera is static (not hand held) and is shot on a horizontal format. The filming only needs to be 20-30 seconds long and can be shot on a cell phone or camera. Footage is uploaded through the Your Views website and for any questions please contact

Everyone taking part gets a filmmaker credit and a short trailer with their film and other people's views on. This is potentially the largest collaborative film project in the world. The final film will be shown for 4 weeks in Brighton in April.

Photograph: GW, Your Views, New York, USA by Heidi Hankniemi