Get body confident

What tools do we need to make lasting changes for a better body and mind set?


Get body confident

It includes everything from healthy eating plans to supplement suggestions, positive body image reinforcement and feel good products guaranteed to keep you – and your skin – happy.

Self-esteem and body confidence are integrally linked, as is our idea of what the perfect body looks like, and the way we compare ourselves against that ideal. It can be hard at times to keep a clear and positive head amidst the countless pages devoted to celebrity bodies, diets, and exercise regimes.

Brands like Mama Mio know only too well that women come in all shapes and sizes, and that confidence is key to feeling good. Their Summer Body Confidence Campaign aims to raise the nation’s confidence by setting us a series of challenges. These challenges will get us thinking about the bits we love, and make peace with the parts we once loathed.

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