Film review: High-Rise

Ali Roff checks out a compelling adaptation of a JG Ballard book, directed by Ben Wheatley


Film review: High-Rise

Welcome to the High-Rise; based on the novel by JG Ballard, set in the 1980s this is a building designed to give its new occupants all the top commodities within its walls, from supermarkets to swimming pools.

From the outside ‘life in the high-rise’ seems like utopia, and society thrives, until the building begins to slowly fail as the lights flicker, the power cuts out and the societal infrastructure within it starts to crumble.

The story follows the increasing animosity and ultimate struggle between the upper, middle and lower floors – or classes, if you will – and chaos ensues. Yet the occupants never leave, and they never call for help. Tom Hiddleston plays protagonist Dr Laing while Welsh actor Luke Evans shines as Richard Wilder.

As with Ballard’s books, you decide what message you take from the story and, although abstract and slightly bizarre, it’s a compelling watch.