Film review: Captain Fantastic

Directed and written by Matt Ross, we love this inspiring film


Film review: Captain Fantastic

Imagine leaving the concrete jungle behind and going back to the land, living the good life by your own means, at one with nature…

This is the life that Ben Cash (Viggo Mortensen) has given his six children, raising and educating them in the wilderness of Washington state, isolated from society and without the influence of technology or consumerism.

But, when tragedy strikes and Ben’s wife Leslie dies suddenly, her parents blame him and shut him out, forcing Ben to take his sheltered children into the modern world for the first time.

It’s a beautiful film, full of good and bad decisions that will have you questioning what is right and wrong, and what you feel is important; asking if it is possible to create true balance in our own lives and, if so, what that actually looks like. 

Watch the Captain Fantastic trailer here:

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