Drinking water: for optimal health, balance and reflection

Paul Rushton considers the most beneficial and mindful ways in which to consume water...


Drinking water: for optimal health, balance and reflection

Almost all civilisations have bloomed by rivers, from the Ganges to the cenotes of Yucatan; sacred, vital water has been a font at which we have worshipped long before we could import it in plastic from beautiful Polynesian islands. Ayurveda would suggest that water be stored in glass or copper. Like the moon to which it is intimately linked, water brings calmness and coolness. In stillness, it reflects the sattvic mind; a mirror to the universe. As it is still or flowing, ice or vapour, ocean or droplet, water is nuanced and so are the ways in which it is optimally used.

The Ayurvedic answer to how much water we should drink is equally nuanced and the question, perhaps, better reframed to how we should drink it. Unlike revenge, water is best served warm. A glass first thing in the morning, with an optional slice of fresh ginger or spritz of lemon, cleanses and prepares the body to digest. Cold or ice water is taxing to our systems. It reduces our bodily resistance, hampers digestion and leads to excessive mucus production. Instead, we should sip when we are thirsty and during mealtimes, where it combines with the food to ease its path.

As the Rig Veda tells us, water is ‘the very breath of people’ – true life force. By hydrating gently and gratefully, we can find the river; brilliantly reflect and gracefully flow.

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