Create your own Life Leap Club

Don’t just sit there! Build a supportive, kind, inspirational community of your own, says Suzy Walker, Psychologies Editor-in-Chief


Create your own  Life Leap Club

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We’ve been running the Life Leap Club – our VIP coaching club with podcasts, workbooks and interviews with the best self-development experts in the world, free to all subscribers – for a year now, and I feel really privileged to be part of such a kind, supportive and uplifting community.

It all started with our 47 ambassadors – I would like to say a huge thank you to them for leading from the front, for welcoming our newcomers and for creating such an incredibly brilliant tribe.

An invitiation to you

Digital communities can be wonderful, but research has shown that people are happier when they are with others – even if they are introverts. With all the unrest and division in the world at the moment, we want to encourage you to create a safe, respectful and kind space where you can gently support each other to build the lives you really want.

This year, we are looking to evolve our Life Leap Club and would like to urge you all to start your own face-to-face Life Leap Clubs to experiment with how you can put happiness – yours and other people’s – at the heart of your philosophy. It’s about being the change we want to see in the world.

Strength in numbers

So, what’s the goal? To help create a genuinely happier society by providing a place for people to connect once a month to talk about how we can survive and thrive in the world – no matter what. It’s about listening, caring and having a laugh!

How does it work? Every month, invite your friends, family or people you would like to get to know, and form your own Life Leap Club to discuss our monthly Dossier content and coaching questions. Commit to making small changes that will help you and others feel happier.

Decide who you would like to invite to your club – maybe it’s a buddy you can talk to, or perhaps you want to run it like a book club, where you gather together a group of friends to discuss the theme of the month. You may even want to create a group where you get to know new people and congregate one weekend morning each month in a cafe.

Arrange a suitable date and time. The magazine comes out every four weeks, towards the end of the month, so organise a time soon after that. Next, read our themed Dossier – covering everything from decluttering and taking back control to finding your purpose and making a fresh start, then download our workbooks and life-coaching wheels from our online Life Leap Club, and commit to making some tweaks to your life that will take you in the direction you want to travel in 2019. Getting support and encouragement from your group will only help you.

If you subscribe to Psychologies, you will also receive access to the Life Leap Club digital community, workbooks, podcasts and free coaching. All you need to do is turn to page 74 for our fantastic subscription offer this month.

Big little leaps

Fear, failure and small steps to growth

Each month, we will give you a series of questions to discuss with your new tribe of people in your Life Leap Club. Pose the questions, then listen to the answers, without interrupting. Create the space to really hear what other people are saying…

  • 1. Describe your comfort zone. How does it make you feel?
  • 2. When was the last time you made a leap out of your comfort zone? How did it make you feel?
  • 3. What feels like a leap too far? How do you know when you’ve reached the limit of your leap?
  • 4. When did you make a life leap and fail miserably? What did you learn?
  • 5. When did you make a life leap and succeed? What did you learn from this?
  • 6. How can you make five brave baby steps in the next month? What are they and what support do you need?

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