Yvonne McMeel offers 10 small changes that will improve your diet for the better



Today's tip is by Brain Food nutritionist Yvonne McMeel who advises: ‘When it comes to embarking on a healthy eating plan, many of us feel that we need to change our diet completely yet sometimes the smallest changes are the most effective’.

Here are 10 small changes that will improve your diet for the better:

1. Make carbohydrates an accompaniment to your meal instead of the main part. Fill up your plate with tasty colourful vegetables and lean healthy protein such as chicken or tofu.

2. Add some spinach to your salad, it’s a good source of magnesium which contributes to the dilation of the blood vessels encouraging blood flow throughout the body and brain.

3. Swap your salad dressing for extra virgin olive oil, it tops up your stores of antioxidants as well as being an anti-inflammatory.

4. Citrus fruits are naturally low in sugar and a great source of powerful vitamin C which helps to prevent oxidative stress. Add a few slices to your glass of water or drizzle the juice over your vegetables.

5. Swap sugary fruit-flavoured yoghurts for natural or Greek yogurt to increase your calcium supply. Deficiency can sometimes contribute to anxiety, irritability and slow thinking.

6. Flaxseed are a powerhouse of nutrients, sprinkle onto your breakfast or over a salad and you’ll be improving the protein, fibre, iron and omega content of your meal.

7. Add some molasses to your bolognaise to improve the iron content, it boosts oxygen transportation around the body and helps to create new red blood cells.

8. Avoid egg white omelettes, the yolk contains all the nutrients including choline which has been associated with improved cognitive function.

9. Take a tip from our European neighbours and add sauerkraut to your sandwiches. The fermented cabbage is rich in beneficial bacteria for the gut as well as vitamins A,B,C & E.

10. Swap your afternoon cup of tea for miso soup. A warming cup of the probiotic broth is packed with soy goodness, is GI friendly and satisfying for a savoury tooth.