Books to soothe the soul: Negroland: A Memoir

Our friends at Radio 4 tell us why you’ll find this book compelling


Books to soothe the soul: Negroland: A Memoir

Negroland: A Memoir is a fiercely intelligent account of race and class by writer and critic Margo Jefferson,’ says producer Jill Waters.

‘She was born in 1947, the daughter of a pediatrician and a fashionable socialite, and grew up surrounded by the comforts of a well-off family who were part of Chicago’s black elite.

This is the world of “privilege and plenty” that she terms Negroland: “because I still find Negro a word – of wonders – glorious and terrible, because I lived with its meanings and intimations for so long.”

Jill Waters continues: ‘Margo’s story is one full of psychological and moral contradictions that makes for a really powerful listening experience.’

Negroland: A Memoir (Granta Books, £12.99).