Book of the month: June 2014

We're hooked on 'Astonish Me', by Maggie Shipstead


Book of the month: June 2014

Envy, jealousy and obsession are themes you might expect to find in the world of competitive ballet, where this book opens. But they’re found in the real world too, where failed dancer Joan finds herself when her long-held dream ends and she falls pregnant.

As the years go on, Joan’s life presents some big questions: how does a youthful infatuation compare to a carefully built partnership? How much should we sacrifice for the sake of our dreams? What happens when those dreams don’t turn out as planned?

As Joan creates a quiet sort of happiness where she never expected it, her less cautious past starts to overwhelm the present – and her son’s ambitions unwittingly threaten everything she holds dear.

Art and life collide and, as events escalate, this page-turner reminds us that even if we don’t always get what we want, sometimes we might just get what we need…

Astonish Me by Maggie Shipstead is published by Blue Door, and costs £14.99

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