Book of the month: February

We take a look at the terrific and terrifying new book from Grace McCleen


Book of the month: February

There is an eerie sense of foreboding in Grace McCleen’s wonderful third novel. Something incredibly traumatic happened to Madeline on her 14th birthday, something so awful that it triggered a mental breakdown.

Years later she still can’t recall the damaging events of that day night. Then along comes Dr Lucas a charismatic psychiatrist, who believes he can unlock Madeline’s memory.

Reliving her teenage years through the pages of her awestruck diary she recalls an idyllic life, which was graced with the beauty of the natural world, one where God was a radiant presence.

But that was before her mother fell ill and her volatile, deeply religious father became increasingly erratic. Determined to make everything right again, Madeline sets out on a misguided course of action, with heartbreaking consequences. Terrific and terrifying.

The Offering by Grace McCleen (Sceptre, £17.99) is out now