4 tools for making good decisions

Lizzie Enfield provides some top tips for making good decisions whether your personality type is indecisive or decisive


4 tools for making good decisions

Do you agonise over the smallest of decisions or are you one to decide straight away and quickly get on with other things? Either way, this quick-fire advice is sure to help you reach a 'good' decision that works for you…

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Remember that while some decisions – like whether to end a relationship or leave your job – need careful consideration, what you have for lunch or what brand of shampoo you buy doesn’t really matter.

2. Decide when to decide

If you’re prone to snap decisions, try to consider more options first. But, if you tend to go through all the available information before reaching any decision, decide how much of it is really important.

3. Good decisions vs optimal decisions

Decide your priorities, then focus on them. If you’re choosing a new car, and the colour and fuel consumption are top priorities, then settle on one that fits those criteria, rather than just looking for the ‘best’ car on the market.

4. Seek advice

We don’t always make rational decisions. The best way to override the intuitive part of our brain is to ask someone you trust who’s been in a similar position to give their opinion, and learn from their experience.

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