3 tips to improve your memory

Our resident health writer, Martha Roberts, explores three simple ways to improve your memory


3 tips to improve your memory

1. Remember the unusual

Are you the sort who forgets a person’s name repeatedly? In Instant Memory Training For Success by Chester Santos (Capstone, £10.99), Santos says it doesn’t have to be this way. Use absurd visualisations. Alice might be a white rabbit, for example.

2. Use all your senses

As well as visualisations, involve your other senses. For example, do you have strong associations with the smell of objects? Don’t forget taste, touch and hearing when you’re trying to memorise things. Hear the words ‘I’m late, I’m late’ when you see Alice.

3. Stop relying on technology

We are so reliant on digital devices, we let them remember for us. Practise relying on your memory and not technology. Challenge yourself to remember the telephone numbers of five important people in your life, like we would have done in the past.

Martha Roberts is an award-winning UK health writer and mental health blogger at mentalhealthwise.com

Photograph: iStock

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