3 psychological tips to curb spending

Are you spending too much on shopping?


3 psychological tips to curb spending

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1. Know that what you need can’t be bought 

Shopping can temporarily provide an emotional lift, but real change comes from addressing the feelings underneath. This can be done via writing in a journal, talking with friends or finding a good counsellor. Find what works for you.

2. Have a list of better options ready to go 

Write down some edifying activities to replace shopping. That way, when you want to shop, you can select from a range of pursuits that are better for your wellbeing and your finances. Creative writing, long walks and getting through the checklist of books you always meant to read are all better for your wallet, but echo the satisfaction of shopping.

3. Be aware that Western culture wants you to spend 

For one day, note the number of adverts you see, and their messages. Before you’ve even reached the high street, adverts in train stations, public toilets and your newspaper will tell you that you’ll be sexier and happier if you spend, spend, spend.

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