Yoga pose lab: Kapiasana

Discover the unique holistic health benefits of each asana with Psychologies Wellness Director Ali Roff Farrar


Yoga pose lab: Kapiasana

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Low crescent lunge (Kapiasana)

This pose connects you to gratitude as you open your heart to the sky. It strengthens your shoulders and core and opens your hips. Warm your spine first with cat-cow stretches.

From downward-facing dog, bring your left knee towards your nose and plant your foot towards your hands. Drop your right knee, padding it with a blanket if more comfortable.

Draw energy up from the earth with your hands in a sweeping motion until your arms are in line with your ears. Keep your fingers active, palms facing each other. Hold that energy.

To deepen the stretch, gently but actively push your groin down towards your left ankle. Push your hips forward, lift your sternum into a gentle backbend and smile!

Return to downward-facing dog and repeat with the right leg forward this time.

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Image: Ali Roff Farrar

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