Yoga pose lab: Happy baby

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Yoga pose lab: Happy baby

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Happy baby pose – Ananda balasana

This is a great hip opener, gently stretching the back of the body and strengthening the hip flexors. It’s a lovely pose to calm the mind and ease away emotional stressors.

Lie on your back. Engage your belly and draw your knees to your chest, allowing your knees to fall open while bringing the soles of your feet to face the sky.

Grab the outer edges of your feet with each hand, or your big toes with your index and middle fi nger. Draw your knees downwards to the floor.

Try to keep your lower back flat and connected to the earth. If you aren’t there yet, you will fi nd it with time.

Do what feels good in your body. For a truly happy baby, take big seesaw motions, rocking back and forth until you come up to a sitting position.

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Image: Ali Roff Farrar

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