Vision boards: how to make yours

Author, Sonia Choquette, says grab your goal with both hands (and a lot of heart)


Vision boards: how to make yours

Vision boards can be tools to delve deep into our imaginations; in order to work towards, and realise, our goals.

1. When creating your board, use all your senses 

If your goal is a holiday of a lifetime to Hawaii, get into the ‘frame’ of your dream scenario: wear an Hawaiian shirt (or skirt), sniff coconut suntan lotion; order pineapple on your pizza; listen to island tunes played on a ukulele… The more fun you have bringing your sensory dream alive, the more empowered your imagination becomes.

2. Don’t only rely on magazines for images

Go outside and take photographs, then print them; visit Pinterest for inspiration and buy postcards from galleries. Think in 3D, adding fabrics, yarn, feathers and leaves. You can even stick crystals on your collage. Make it a work of art.

3. Draw some of your goals, even if they’re just stick figures 

Drawing creates a sense of childlike wonder and magic on your board. Amplify this feeling by using images from cartoons and fairytale books.

4. Don’t rush through assembling your vision board in one evening 

Instead, prepare for a week or two, seeking out images and building a sense of anticipation. Preparation is part of the visioning. Let your imagination run wild.

5. Don’t do it alone 

Surround yourself with ‘believing eyes’ – people who support your dreams. Start a ‘vision board group’ and have a party to celebrate creating your visions together.

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