Unlock your ultimate truth

Can one simple question unlock your ultimate truth? In this short video, Alastair Creamer talks about why truth matters...


Unlock your ultimate truth

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Come and learn the art and wisdom of genuine truth-telling

‘I have many conversations about building psychological safety and creating trust, and not enough conversations about the root of these very important values. And what I keep on coming back to is the role of truth,’ says Alastair Creamer. ‘It means different things to different people and it is almost impossible to stand back from our busy lives and explore this in some detail, and so this is what we are doing on 29 and 30 January 2020. I am very excited to be working with a new colleague, Letesia Gibson, on this one-off workshop.’

You Can Handle The Truth is a residential workshop with a significant follow-through of a further seven days to help embed the habits and commitments you make on the course. 

Over two days you will develop a talent for speaking your truth, for getting to the truth and enabling others to speak their truth. The workshop is interactive and you will learn by doing. You will be led through a journey where you will:

  • Really understand what truth means to you
  • Know what not telling the truth feels like to others
  • Understand what personally stops you from speaking the truth more often
  • Commit to a vision for what a truth-telling culture could look like for you
  • Be inspired by the truth-tellers in your life
  • Practise hearing and speaking the truth with others
  • Learn different strategies to help you start to bring truth-telling into your work and life
  • Make a commitment to action for truth-telling with the accountability of the group

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