Three secrets to feeling less stressed now

Feeling stressed out? Take a deep breath and try this, as three wellness experts share their personal tips to reduce stress and create focus in your life


Three secrets to feeling less stressed now

Try these quick tips to relax and destress:

Breathe with meaning

We often take breathing for granted, but Julie Montagu, yoga and nutrition expert, explains that ‘even though our breathing takes care of itself with little attention from us during most of the day, we can sometimes experience shallow breathing without realising it. This is usually due to stress and is a big warning sign that you need to bring some relaxation into your life.’ To balance this out try ‘breathing mindfully and deeply to stimulate the nervous system to promote a state of relaxation throughout the mind and body.’

Tune into the moment

‘In the deadline-centred world, playing to the soundtrack of constant social media notifications, it’s easy to be completely tuned out of the present moment, looking outside for superficial gratification and in a state of overstimulation,’ say coaching duo #HigherSelfie. ‘For a quick mindfulness hack, close your eyes and turn your whole focus internally. Breathe in and out, slow and steady. When a random thought pops into your head let it wash over like a wave gently crashes on the shore and let it wash back out again.’

Meditate without expectation

It’s easy to become disheartened if you don’t experience a sudden transformation when learning to meditate. ‘If meditation ever becomes difficult, tense, boring or unpleasant you may be lacking a childlike innocence in these moments,’ explains Sandy C. Newbigging, founder of Mind Calm. ‘With such curiosity, you are open and excited about whatever may happen. You aren’t holding any preconceived ideas about how you should feel or the quality or quantity of thoughts that should happen. With childlike innocence, you approach meditation with wide-eyed wonder and a willingness to allow all that happens.’

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