The Sleep Guru

Jana Stefanovska learns how to sleep


The Sleep Guru

Have you ever had trouble sleeping?

According to the Sleep Guru, 51% of us in the UK suffer from some form of sleep problem or insomnia. In the short term, not being able to sleep is something we can deal with, but prolonged periods of broken or irregular sleep patterns can be seriously detrimental to your health.

'We can survive longer without food than we can without sleep,' says the Sleep Guru, Anandi.

Luckily, help is at hand – Anandi's knowledge of how to resolve sleep problems has already transformed many people’s lives. She has set up The Sleep Retreat in the tranquil hills of Le Marche in Italy, where she teaches people how to enjoy a sound night’s sleep.

Anandi's techniques are drawn from Ayurveda, yoga science, meditation techniques and nutritional therapy. Under her guidance, I tried the ancient Yoga Nidra technique for an hour, which promotes deep psychological and physiological relaxation.

It's an ancient technique developed from the tantras during which you learn how to relax the body and mind consciously, by using visualisation and focusing on relieving tension. It also aids concentration and creativity using a special resolution technique called ‘sankalpa’. It worked for me, I floated home on a grey November’s evening, revived and energised.

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