The benefits of cats

Jana Stefanovska explains all


The benefits of cats

Are you a cat lover? Do you coo when approached by a feline, or do you wince when you hear a meow?

For those who aren't such fans, perhaps new research will make you reconsider. Being a cat owner can have a significant impact on your wellbeing, according to a survey carried out by Cats Protection and the Mental Health Foundation.

The study found that 87% of people who owned a cat felt it positively affected their mental state. A cat’s presence and companionship alone was found to be beneficial, while stroking them was found to promote calmness. For 33 year-old Jacqui Walker, adopting one has been life changing. Previously struggling with life, she returned to work within six weeks of getting a cat.

Good news for the cat owners among you, and for those toying with the idea, this might just persuade you (but remember, a cat isn't just for Christmas).