Sorry to bother you…

Find yourself starting off emails with phrases such as 'Sorry to bug you, I'm just thinking about Friday's meeting...' and the like? If that sounds familiar read on for some advice on how to get a little more assertive in your communications


Sorry to bother you…

Do your emails consist of a lot of justs, sorrys, thinks and feels?

These seemingly harmless little words can actually strip you of your assertiveness.

We use these words that Tara Mohr, author of Playing Big, calls ‘shrinkers’ as qualifiers which hint to the person you are writing to that you are unsure of what you are saying, lessening their confidence in your ideas.

Unsure of whether you use them? Try downloading the free Gmail app JustNotSorry, which will highlight every word and phrase such as ‘does this make sense?’, or ‘I’m just thinking, actually…’ and help you catch them before you fire ‘send’.

You might be surprised at how often the little critters pop up.

Photograph: iStock