Shifting gears with your relationship

Embracing change could be the help you need


Shifting gears with your relationship

Tips on how to recalibrate a relationship in flux. 

  • Meditate or write in your journal to work out your true feelings about the change.
  • If applicable, try to ‘match’ the change; do something that lifts you attitudinally, physically or psychologically.
  • Get out of the rut of talking about the same things and pick new conversations. Author, Terri Orbuch, advocates the daily ‘10-minute rule’. In this time, you’re not allowed to talk about work, ‘life admin’, your children or relationship.
  • Listen without interrupting.
  • Don’t expect one person to fulfil all your relationship needs; female friendships are particularly important to women.
  • Note why you’re grateful for the relationship/person.
  • Express concerns as they come up; don’t let them fester.
  • Let go of the view of what your relationship ‘should’ be, and see what it ‘could’ be.

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