Reprogram your money beliefs and watch your finances grow…


Reprogram your money beliefs and watch your finances grow...

Life coach Jane Rapin shares a coaching tool to help figure out where our blocks are when it comes to our relationship with money…

‘Savings are one of the five kinds of money (the others are: debt, income, income goals and toxic money). Each of us carries hidden programming that is specifically blocking our money and wealth. It quite literally sets the level of income, savings, and the amount of debt we have.  

Each kind of money has three distinct aspects:

Savings are tied to safety and security. We also attach memories of past events involving great loss or disappointment to savings. As a result, many people ‘feel’ terrified or afraid when they look at the amount they’ve saved.

Here is a quick way to unlock the beliefs, emotions and traumas that may be sabotaging your savings!

Set aside an hour or so. Take your journal, and write down the amount you currently have in your savings, even if it is £0. Spend some time looking at this figure, and feeling in to it. Then answer the following questions in your journal:

This will give you more than resilience, it will show you where the blocks are so that you can confidently regain control of your response to saving.’

Jane Rapin is a Barefoot accredited Life Coach and part of our Find a Coach directory.