Relationship review: How strong are your levels of commitment?

Psychologies columnist and coach Sarah Abell invites you to discover the latest questions to ask yourselves as a couple, to ensure a flourishing relationship


Relationship review: How strong are your levels of commitment?

Commitment is the glue that holds a relationship together. It’s an action and a decision that involves moving from ‘me versus you’ thinking to choosing ‘we’ and ‘us’.

Researcher Scott Stanley found couples who actively decide to be together have a much higher relationship success rate than those who just slide into their relationship. Stanley writes, in The Power Of Commitment (Jossey Bass, £11.99): ‘These days, too many people want all the most enjoyable parts of a relationship without any of the “hassles” of commitment, dependency and responsibility.’

How committed are you and your partner to your relationship? How well do you work as a team? What kind of future are you hoping to create together?

Think back over the past year, and then answer these questions about your relationship. Think about what, if anything, you would like to improve about each area. What one step could you implement this month to help strengthen your relationship?

Sarah Abell is an author, speaker and coach, who specialises in helping people live, love and lead authentically. She is the founder of To buy her LifeLabs Practical Wisdom online course How to Save Your Relationship, please click here. You can try a free 3-day taster trial first too.

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