Our top quotes from Cheryl Strayed on never giving up…

Suzy Greaves has some wise words from someone who knows a thing or two about never giving up - Cheryl Strayed


Our top quotes from Cheryl Strayed on never giving up...

Cheryl Strayed, author of best-selling memoir Wild has recently brought out a new book of quotations Brave Enough. A Mini Instruction Manual for the Soul.

Here we share our favourite quotations from her on never giving up, no matter what. Stick these on your fridge and inscribe them on your soul.

  • “Every last one of us can do better than give up”
  • “There is a middle path but it goes only one direction: toward the light. Your light. The one that goes blink, blink, blink inside your chest when you know what you’re doing is right.”
  • “You let time pass. That’s the cure. You survive the days. You float like a rabid ghost through the weeks. You cry and wallow and lament and scratch your way back up through the months. And then one day you find yourself alone on a bench in the sun and you close your eyes and lean your head back and you realise you are OK.”
  • ‘You go on by doing the best you can. You go on by being generous. You go on by being true. You go on by offering comfort to others who can’t go on. You go on by allowing the unbearable days to pass and by allowing the pleasure in other days.”
  •  “It’s folly to measure your success in money or fame. Success is measured only by your ability to say yes to these two questions: Did I do the work I needed to do? Did I give everything I had?”

Brave Enough: A Mini Instruction Manual for the Soul by Cheryl Strayed (Atlantic, £6.99) is out now