MOOD BOOST: Top exercise tips

Gareth Thomas, lead instructor at Liberte Fitness, shares his top three tips for boosting your mood


MOOD BOOST: Top exercise tips

1. Exercise outside

Studies have shown that working out in the great outdoors has a greater effect on improving mood. Compared with indoor exercise, training in natural environments was associated with greater feelings of happiness and revitalisation, as well as increased energy and feelings of positivity. A greater sense of enjoyment and satisfaction also leaves outdoor exercisers wanting to go back for more, and so continuing the positive cycle of well being and mood boosting.

2. Exercise to music

Exercise is fantastic for releasing mood boosting chemicals such as endorphins and anandamide (the "bliss" hormone), both of which can help to lower anxiety and increase a sense of mental well being. Plug in your favourite, happiest music mix and watch as the world becomes a better place.

3. Live in the moment

Many of us plan our days so meticulously that we forget to enjoy where we are and what we are doing now. Spend time enjoying breakfast, or the walk to work, or your exercise session while leaving thoughts of meetings, work and diaries behind.