Life hacks for boosting energy

Perla Aviram gives her top tips for increasing energy levels


Life hacks for boosting energy

1. An excellent exercise to give you some much-needed energy is to look at a clock and count how many breaths you take per minute. Your aim should be eight breaths per minute. Most of us have a much higher rate than that, so practise slowing down and try to keep your mouth closed, then observe how you feel afterwards.

2. Cold showers are a great way to boost energy, as they force your circulation to wake up and get your pulse racing.

3. An effective trick recommended by kundalini yoga founder, Yogi Bhajan, is brushing your hair. Put your head between your knees if you can, let the hair fall over your face, then brush from root to tips. You will feel super-refreshed in no time.

4. Get at least 15 minutes of movement outdoors, preferably in nature. Failing that, change your routine, move away from your desk, alter position. Even changing which hand operates the mouse can enliven you.

5. Breath of fire is a good way to get an energy boost. It activates the navel and solar plexus, and is a foundational practice of kundalini yoga. It is done by pumping the navel point in and out while breathing rapidly through the nose.

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