It’s a wanderful life!

Try this brilliant self development exercise helping you stay calm and inspired whatever is happening, designed by Street Wisdom founder David Pearl


Street Wisdom is an inspirational navigational aid which we have never needed more before. An international non-profit venture that has been bringing experiential learning to city streets the world over through its free guided WalkShops.


Using a mix of psychology, mindfulness and cognitive science, Street Wisdom gives people the skills to see their everyday environment in a new way. Helping them answer life and work questions by unlocking fresh thinking and new direction. People feel clearer, more inspired, less isolated and less stressed.

This innovative social movement has applied their WalkShop techniques to create Street Wisdom Comes Home – a brand new programme of simple, human exercises you can do within the confines of your home. All free of charge. Helping you focus on staying calm, grounded and inspired. The exercises are filmed at Street Wisdom Founder David Pearl’s (reassuringly messy) home. There is a clever (and amusing) guide on how to tune up your senses and the mini-quests include Book Smart – using the books and magazines on your shelves to guide your thinking and It’s a Wanderful Life – a super effective technique teaching you how to author the next chapter in your life story.

They also have a free WanderGuide which you can download and listen to on your daily walk to make it more Technicolour. It’s a one- hour experience, think of a question and see what answers you can find. Like a treasure hunt for wisdom.

Street Wisdom have also created a weekly virtual Street Corner, where people can come together to share their experiences with fellow home wanderers from around the globe. They have had people from California to Croatia to Carlisle attend.

David explains “We had no idea the response would be as positive as it has been to our At- Home programme. We facilitate the Street Corner to help people land their experience or simply find perspective and a sense of calm from listening to others. It’s creating a wonderful sense of inspired global togetherness.”

Tune up and Tune In

Book Smart

It’s a Wanderful Life


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