Is your boss taking advantage of you?

We bring busyness on ourselves in many ways. But how do you know when your employer really is asking too much?


Is your boss taking advantage of you?

Here's how to tell when it's them, not you…

• When you can’t even raise the issue. If there’s no senior person who’s willing to discuss your workload, it’s a sure sign your company culture is toxic.

• When ‘just a few weeks’ becomes forever. Work goes in cycles: sometimes, you really might need to put life on hold for a while. But you shouldn’t be asked to do so indefinitely.

• When work takes too much of a toll on your health. Pushing beyond your physical capacities is no use to anyone – including your company, as the quality of your work will rapidly decline, too.

When bullying is how you’re asked to work harder. Your manager should recognise that extra work is a sacrifice. If he or she uses guilt, insults or shouting instead, start looking for a new job.

• When it’s not ‘all hands on deck’. If all the extra work’s being piled on you alone, don’t fool yourself: you’re being exploited.

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