I don’t want to be friends with her any more

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I don’t want to be friends with her any more

I have a friend who I’ve been very close to since primary school. But as we have become adults, I feel she has changed. It’s as though she’s more bothered about men than her friends. She’s not as fun as she used to be and whenever we do meet up, all she does is complain about men. She’s never interested when I try to talk about something else. Nights out revolve around meeting men, and she is constantly playing games, trying to set me up then confessing that actually, the guy likes her instead, which is really hurtful. We have spoken and argued about it, but every time we make up, I worry I’m just making life harder for myself. Should I still be friends with her? Hannah

You have my sympathies; this sounds wearying. Chances are it is just a phase in your shared history. Primary school friendships might arise from accidents of birth and geography, but they give you an opportunity to know people on a level that often tends to survive.

Have faith, include her in invitations to events that are fun for you, but rest assured there is no harm in sitting out this particular dance.

Mary Fenwick is a business coach, journalist, fundraiser, mother, divorcée and widow. Follow Mary on Twitter @MJFenwick. Got a question for Mary? Email mary@psychologies.co.uk, with ‘MARY’ in the subject line

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