How to design your life

How can you create a vision for your life? Sometimes, the bigger picture is a bit too big to see clearly and we need a little help...


How to design your life

This tool allows you to gain fresh perspective; to take stock of each area of your life – and determine which part would benefit from a vision board

1. Move around each segment of the circle and think about how well you would rate each area of your life out of 10.

  • Draw a line (as shown in pink) in each segment, along the number that you have rated that part of your life. Then, step back and observe your life as a whole.
  • Which areas are you thriving in?
  • Which parts need attention?

2. Once you have identified the areas that you want to work on, grab a pen and paper, or your journal, and answer for each segment:

  • What number is it now?
  • What rating do you want it to be?
  • What could you work towards, have, do, build or achieve that would get you to that figure within the next year?

3. Now brainstorm and take action. What can you do this month to increase your number by one?

  • How will you do it?
  • Will you create a beautiful monthly ‘to-do’ list for the year, or could you put your goals creatively onto a vision board?
  • Will you take a course or sign up to a programme? Be creative. Think about how you can take action towards your goals.

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