How to be innovative

Is your mind filled with a whirlwind of ideas that you’d love to action, but you don’t know how? Innovation is the key to making your dreams a reality, says author Lucy Gower


How to be innovative

1. Keep a ‘confidence diary’

Can’t garner the confidence to push things forward? Consider the innovation strengths you’re already good at; maybe you have started a book group from scratch? ‘Create a confidence diary and jot down these achievements,’ says Gower. ‘Look at your list to remind yourself of how great you already are and be appreciative of the opportunities you have realised.’

2. Ask ‘provocative questions’

Doing this can help you to uncover the core purpose for your innovation and give you a steer on what you should be working on. An example of a provocative question is, ‘What would I do differently if I had a limitless budget (or no budget at all), or even limitless time?’ Provocative questions help you to identify the areas you need to innovate around.

3. Seek help from unlikely places

Consider the people least likely to be able to help you innovate and ask them for support. Sometimes, these partnerships have amazing results; Great Ormond Street Hospital streamlined a process of patient transfer from ward to intensive care by 40 per cent by seeking advice from a Formula 1 team.

The Innovation Workout’ by Lucy Gower (Pearson, £12.99)

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