Have an adventure of the mind

Stuck in a rut? Whether you want to go on a mini adventure or throw yourself into a major expedition, visualisation can help you move forward, writes Dina Glouberman


Have an adventure of the mind

1. Relax. Breathe slowly three times and think of something that makes you feel peaceful and expanded. Then breathe three times slowly and imagine sending energy down to your feet. Now give yourself a moment to settle into a bigger sense of yourself.

2. Think of two opposite states of mind you are veering between, perhaps being amazing and invincible, versus feeling like nothing or completely overwhelmed by emotion. You might find it easier to think of your worst self-accusations than to admit to your secret, super-positive beliefs.

3. Visualise two mountains. Between these two mountains lies a golden path. Name your mountains after the two opposites (that you thought of in point 2, above) and ask each mountain what it is. See what comes up.

4. Go to one of the mountains and walk around it. Talk to the mountain, out loud if possible, and say all the things that you tend to think of whenever you are in that state of mind. For example, you might be berating yourself for being so anxious and nervous.

5. Now go to the other mountain and do the same thing. Maybe this time you’re feeling confident, enthusiastic and ready for anything, so you might be saying, ‘I’m absolutely fantastic – it’s my job to save the world!’

6. Now take the path in the middle – the golden path. Walk very slowly between the two mountains, breathing deeply and slowly. Become aware of how it feels to be on this path. You may discover that on this path, just breathing and just being is enough.

Adapted from You Are What You Imagine: 3 Steps To A New Beginning Using Imagework by Dina Glouberman (Watkins Publishing, £7.99)