Getting to know me

Are there steps we can take to find out who we truly are and learn to understand ourselves better? Psychologist, Tasha Eurich, says yes…


Getting to know me

1. Set goals around your own growth 

A study has found that when a group of people were asked to write down two paragraphs about a significant life goal and how they were going to accomplish it, those who described goals around growth and learning demonstrated improved self-awareness, maturity and wellbeing nearly four years later.

2. Take feedback 

Psychologists have found that, generally, other people view us more objectively than we see ourselves. For example, they have been shown to anticipate our future behaviour better than we can predict our own. Even strangers have been found to see us disconcertingly accurately. Learning to understand the behaviour we are getting feedback about helps us make better choices.

3. Write down your thoughts in a journal 

The key here is to explore the negative and not over-think the positive. When we take a look at negative events through expressive writing, those who benefit most are the ones who use it as an opportunity for learning.

Adapted from ‘Insight: The Power Of Self-Awareness In A Self-Deluded World’ by Tasha Eurich (Macmillan, £18.99)

Photograph: iStock