Get a new friendship off to a good start

It's not uncommon to outgrow some friends as you get older, and the prospect of making new ones can seem a bit daunting. Psychologist Ingrid Collins offers three tips to get you going


Get a new friendship off to a good start

1. Stay upbeat. Friendship should be fun in the early stages. Without being boastful, accentuate your positives. If you are inviting someone new into your life, as in a new love relationship your potential new friend needs to regard you as a 'catch'

2. Define how much you want from someone. 'I've got half am hour if you'd like to grab a coffee' or 'It'd be great to go see the new Woody Allen film next week' gives some indication to the other party what to expect.

3. Don't crowd the other person. They'll have other stuff going on in their lives and friendship is about give and take, so allow them to take the initiative. If you don't get a response to emails or messages after a reasonable time, accept it and move on.

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