Four routes to effortless success

Edward Slingerland shares his ways to slow thinking


Four routes to effortless success

1. Practice makes perfect

Take steps to rigorously master your craft, be it jazz piano, novel-writing or flirting, and you will eventually be able to be effortless in the moment.

2. Reject pursuit of goals

Embrace a Zen-like state of non-attachment and actively stop pursuing your goals. The hope is that the goals will then come to fruition organically.

3. Nurture what you’ve got

Try to work with your strong points in a low-key way. Nurture and expand your abilities slowly over time until they come to the fore naturally.

4. Live in the flow

Make a conscious effort to forget about trying – and forget about not trying. Just let the values that you want to embrace pick you up and carry you along.

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