Forget the diet

Are you a yo-yo dieter? Find out why and how you should stop.


Forget the diet

How many times have you cracked under the temptation of chocolate/cake/takeaways, quickly undoing weeks or months of dieting and deprivation only to feel guilt and frustration at the end of it all?

Recent research* has found that yo-yo dieting behaviour can be influenced by pressure from family and society to lose weight and is suggestive of an unconscious internal power struggle, where we perceive dieting to be the only way to establish control over our bodies.

So, for those of us who are fed up of to-and froing between being good and eating too much, Beyond Chocolate is a revolutionary approach to weight-loss and body confidence. It says no to diets, pills, and unachievable miracles, offering instead support with listening activities, workbooks and online events with an online community that supports women who want to transform their relationship with food and their bodies for good.

* Qazi, Huda Iqbal Ahmed and Keval, Harshad (2013). 'At War with Their Bodies or At War with Their Minds? A Glimpse into the Lives and Minds of Female Yo-Yo Dieters – The Curtain has Lifted in UK?' Journal of International Women's Studies