Five ways new couples get knocked off track

Marital therapist Andrew G Marshall reveals the ways in which a new couple can falter


Five ways new couples get knocked off track

1. Caught on the rebound

Avoid starting a relationship on the rebound. Mourning lost love will mean that part of you is unavailable for the dating journey.

2. Potential mistake

Being more concerned with someone’s potential rather than the reality of who they are. For example, bringing up commitment or attitudes to marriage or children, however subtly, in the first three dates, is probably a mistake.

3. The slow reveal

Holding back and not revealing your true personality or concerns – so that your potential partner gets mixed messages.

4. Treading water

Trying to stay at one stage for too long, especially while you’re courting. The high of being in love brings people together and soothes fears about commitment, but if you wait too long without a proper commitment, there is a risk of the relationship going off the boil and losing its way.

5. Sense of timing

Meeting at the wrong time, where one or both partners are more committed to their career, for example, and not truly ready for a relationship.

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