Five best wellbeing websites

If your wellbeing resolutions have already fallen by the wayside, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up five of the best online health destinations, so that you can get back on track, in the comfort of your own home, by beauty & wellbeing director, Eminé Ali Rushton


Five best wellbeing websites

1. Movement for Modern Life

Yoga has always been on my to-do list, but it was not until I discovered this wonderful website that it really became a part of my life. With many styles, teachers, class lengths and ability levels to choose from, the site is easy to navigate, and enjoyable to watch. I simply set my laptop up in my bedroom, roll out my yoga mat, press play, and enjoy an evening session without fuss or ceremony. It has simplified my yoga practice immeasurably, but has also meant that I can grow in confidence in the comfort of my own home before venturing out into group class territory. A month’s subscription is just £15.99, and if smitten, the annual pass works out even cheaper, at around £130 (if you use it just twice a week, that works out at just £1.25 per class,

2. Being Content

Imelda Burke is a green pioneer of the highest order. She has brought some of the most impressive organic and natural brands to the UK’s shores – think Ilia, RMS, Pai, One Love and Priti – and as the founder of Marylebone health and beauty gem, Content, also runs the incredible, which is not only the UK’s foremost organic and natural beauty and wellbeing retailer, but also houses a very rich read within its magazine too. You have to do a bit of rooting to find it, but bookmark this URL now: and go straight to the heart of the matter. Enjoy natural beauty masterclasses with Ilia, spring attunement advice from leading yogi Jane Kersel, and wonderful raw, vegan and superfoodie recipes from leading chefs. One could spend weeks here, just, well, Being.

3. Neom

Neom has long made my favourite treatment candles, and also make bath and shower oils that are so profoundly effective, I deploy them in lieu of coffee (to wake up in the morning) and sleeping pills (to snooze off, blissfully, at night). Their stuff is great for a reason – not only is founder Nicola Elliot a trained aromatherapist but the Neom products also draw on the wealth of expertise coming from Neom’s cherry-picked Wellbeing Board. Think leading nutritionist Samantha Paget, top sleep expert Anandi, and mindfulness insider Emma Mills. This board plumb the truthful depths of their respective expertise, to produce targeted treatments that work in a very holistic way. Lighting a candle is one thing. Lighting a candle that contains the highest possible levels of pure, premium essential oils to promote proven mind and body benefits, is a salubrious other. But logging onto and reading up on the team’s journey towards better living as backed up by the latest research, might just be the spur you need to start living well, in a way that works for you.

4. Get the Gloss

If you already follow this information-rich website via Twitter or Instagram, you’ll be familiar with the snappy, personality-rich content, which ranges from cheap beauty buys to mindfulness. With cracking staff writers and a smart-woman take on breaking health stories, this is a great site to browse for advice, inspiration and honest tries and testeds.

5. Goop

Goop, as led by Gwyneth Paltrow, has always been a fan of alternative health, but the offerings on this sophisticated wellbeing site are more alternative than most. Their experts in emotional, digestive and mental health, share their learned insights regularly, and the lengthy essays on everything from perceptive processing to our emotional waste systems, provide genuine food for thought, and self-betterment.

Photograph: iStock