Find your happy place within

Productivity coach, neuroscientist and integration pioneer Dr. Magdalena Bak-Maier explain the benefits of reconnecting inside


Find your happy place within

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Recently I reconnected with a creative group I am part of to share our highs and lows from last year. As a productivity expert, this topic really makes my ears perk up.

For one person, her struggle with loneliness from being single is highjacking her focus and productivity. Another group member is crippled by the loss of a parent and struggles with how this impacts his mind and body. Two members with high-flying careers are battling toxic work cultures. One person feels exhausted from a massive project yet can’t stop being busy!

For over a decade I have been fascinated with how balancing and connecting mind, heart, body and spirit helps us feel more grounded, confident, and generally empowered. While this doesn’t mean we get any less stresses and problems in life – of that I’m convinced! – how we respond to them gets better!

Below are 5 steps to help you reconnect with that powerful centre so you too feel you can ace life more often:

1. Get to know your mind better 

Below the constant chatter, fog or doubt sit thoughts. Tune in. Note what your mind tends to broadcast to you. Are you hearing a lot of empowering thoughts such as “This will be great!” or “I can’t wait to get started!” or more things like “This won’t work anyhow!” Thoughts affect how we feel and they can strengthen or weaken our spirit and body. By putting more attention on what’s happening in your head – you can return to your powerful center sooner.

2. Reconnect with what dwells in your heart 

When it comes to your productivity and feeling empowered it helps to feel calm optimism. To return to this central place, we first have to know what we’re actually feeling and experience those emotions fully so we can release them.

3. Reconnect with your physical body and its needs! 

In his bestselling book, The Body Keeps The Score Bessel van der Kolk, American Psychologist and Trauma expert shows how our bodies remember far more than our conscious minds. As all action involves the body in some way. By reconnecting with yours you can detect and listen to what your body needs to feel good. Often the solution is nature and nurturing relationships with people and pets.  

4. Find meaning and purpose by making time for things that express your true spirit 

Happiness research shows us that genuine and lasting satisfaction stems from having a good life, rewarding relationship and the ability to express our true selves and who we really are. Find a way to do that or dare to begin the discovery process of who you are behind the masks we all put on to fit in and get on.

5. Cultivate mind, heart, body, and spirit balance 

My work shows that to feel and be ‘in flow’ we need all four parts to be engaged and working in balance with each other. Use meditation, reflection and quiet time to check in with yourself and each part and see what they need.

To learn how to reconnect for greater clarity, focus and empowerment join our popular one-day retreats in Central London. 

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