Film review: Danny Collins

Danielle Woodward reviews Al Pacino's latest, the comedy Danny Collins


Film review: Danny Collins

Inspired by the true story of folk singer Steve Tilston, who received a letter from John Lennon 30 years after it was written, this is a tale about living authentically. We see Danny (Al Pacino), fake-tanned and coke-snorting, preparing for a gig where he performs to a crowd of mostly female pensioners. Danny is disillusioned and disappointed with his life, despite his beautiful, young wife, mansion and enduring popularity – he thinks he’s sold out.

Then his manager Frank (Christopher Plummer) tracks down a letter that John Lennon had written him in the ’70s, about being true to yourself, but that he never received. This inspires Danny to leave his mansion, move into a hotel and attempt to write songs again, while trying to make peace with his estranged son and his family, while trying to charm the hotel manager Mary (Annette Bening).

Despite the predictable storyline, this film is enjoyable and has lots of laughs and Al Pacino is entertaining playing against type as the ageing rock star, who learns that it’s never too late to get in touch with his true self.

Directed by Dan Fogelman, out Friday 29 May

Watch the official trailer here

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