Eat Beautiful

A new book by leading make-up artist, Wendy Rowe, explores how to eat for beautiful skin


Eat Beautiful

The thing about skin is that you get back what you put in. Which may seem at odds with the work of a make-up artist – but not when that artist is Wendy Rowe. Rowe is one of the industry’s most respected insiders, and she has spent 20 years working with the biggest names, on the biggest campaigns, and forged a career that celebrates the natural beauty of healthy skin. The culmination of all that working knowledge falls not into which creams are best, or foundations more favourable (though she can certainly tell the wheat from the chaff, having worked with everyone from Sienna Miller to Kate Hudson) – but which ways of living best benefit our appearance (and, of course, our emotional wellbeing too). Rowe has always taken a holistic approach to beauty – nothing is ever solely about the surface. 

Her new book features 70 simple recipes that celebrate nature’s best skin-foods – including interesting nutritional facts about why they do everything from deeply hydrate to exfoliate – all with one aim – to feel nourished and look radiant. Most wonderful of all – the food is speedy, the eating is delicious, and the results evident after just a few weeks of eating whole, well, and beautiful.

Follow Wendy Rowe at @wendyrowe, and learn more about her work here:

Eat Beautiful: Nourish your Skin from the Inside Out, by Wendy Rowe (Ebury Press, £20) is out now. 

Try Wendy Rowe’s fig salad recipe over on our Life Labs channel, here. 

Image of Wendy Rowe, by Jem Mitchell
Food Photography by David Loftus

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