Cajun chicken and crispy slaw

Try this tasty chicken recipe, created by Inner Me’s resident nutritionist Amanda Hamilton


Cajun chicken and crispy slaw

This recipe was created by Inner Me’s resident nutritionist Amanda Hamilton as part of a meal plan designed to help you maintain peachy, youthful, clear skin when taken alongside the Inner Me supplement Beautify Me. More information about Inner Me can be found on


480g lean chicken breast

320ml low fat natural yogurt

1 lemon, medium

1 carrot, medium

1 red cabbage, small

4 tomatoes, medium

1 cucumber, medium

20 springs of fresh parsley

4 tsp cajun spice

4 tsp wholegrain mustard

4 tsp paprika


1. Cut the chicken breast into thin slices and toss with a little oil.

2. Mix the paprika and cajun spice and coat the chicken in the spice mixture.

3. Place the chicken slices onto a hot grill pan, or frying pan, and grill for 3-4 minutes each side until fully cooked.

4. Meanwhile, make the coleslaw by mixing the the yogurt and mustard together.

5. Chop the onion, carrot, cucumber, tomato and red cabbage into very small chunks or thin slices and mix with the yogurt mixture and chopped parsley.

6. Serve the chicken with the coleslaw and a wedge of lemon to squeeze over if desired.

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