Brain Food trainer Dan Roberts helps us go for goal



Today’s tip is by Brain Food personal trainer Dan Roberts: Always recognise the importance of having goals. A 'bad' goal doesn't exist but having specific ones can be even more powerful, especially when you can monitor your progress along the way’.


Try these three goals:


Goal 1: decrease body fat and improve strength

Don’t be afraid to make strength one of your goals. As a rule unless you make a concerted effort you won’t end up looking like a body builder, your frame will become toned and leaner. You can measure improvement by observing routine tasks such as carrying heavy shopping bags, your child or a suitcase. Over time the more press-ups, pull-ups and weight training you do, the easier these tasks will become. If your goal is to lose weight don’t focus on the scales, pay attention to your body composition and concentrate on lowering your body fat percentage whilst retaining muscle. Measure changes by using skinfold calipers.


Goal 2: Set multiple goals

If you’re deadline driven then you’re much more likely to keep up your fitness routine and stay motivated. Common fitness goals include losing weight for a holiday, wedding or other specific event, but once achieved there can be a tendency to give up. Instead keep setting yourself goals. So sign up for a 5K, then a 10K, then maybe a marathon. The rush of completing a goal can be addictive and will motivate you to keep setting new ones.


Goal 3: Become an expert

For those of you who tend to get bored with doing the same exercise classes or going to the gym then it’s a good idea to hone in on a specific skill. It can include anything from conquering the butterfly stroke or learning how to recreate every yoga pose. 

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