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Where will you be in 10 years’ time?

Think about yourself in 10 years' time. Where will you be? Will you have advanced your career, started or grown your family, be feeling emotionally and intellectually fulfilled?

Think about yourself in 10 years’ time. Where will you be? Will you have advanced your career, started or grown your family, be feeling emotionally and intellectually fulfilled? Will you be more financially secure? Or will things be pretty much the same as they are now, but with a few more crow’s feet around your eyes? 

We all have goals and dreams of what we’d like to achieve in future. But are you on track to achieve yours? The difference between a dream and a goal is a plan. So what is your plan? This is a 4-step exercise I often share with my clients when helping them to focus on making their dreams a reality. 

So find a quiet moment where you can grab yourself a cuppa and invest in reflecting on where you are at now, and where you want to be in future. 

  1. Image it is 10 years in the future. Think of as many specific details as you can: how old are you? Where do you live? Who are you with? What is your lifestyle? What work (if any) do you do? How hard do you work? Are you engaged in hobbies or other interests? How healthy are you? What do you look like? What is life like? Who else is in your life? This vision may be based on the lifestyle you have now, or it may be based on changes you plan to make imminently.

  2. Reflect on this vision of the future. Is this a life you look forward to?

  3. If there is anything you don’t like about this vision of the future, think about the steps you need to take now to ensure a different outcome. For example, if you want to have a full circle of friends, what are the steps you can take now to ensure this is in place in future? If you want to stay at the same weight as you are now, what are the steps you need to take to enable this? If you aren’t in a job you love, what are the things you could do now that will take you to a different path?

  4. Note down the actions you wish to take now, to help achieve a life you can look forward to in 10 years.

Sharon Peake is the founder of Shape Talent Ltd, a gender equality coaching and consulting business established with the sole purpose of accelerating more women into senior leaderships roles in business. We work with organisations to remove the barriers to women’s progression and we work with individual women, helping them to achieve their career potential.

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Sharon Peake

Sharon Peake

Founder, CEO and Executive Coach

I am an experienced business leader and executive coach with over 20 years' experience in global blue chip businesses focused on career development for individuals and strategic people management for organisations. Over the course of my career I have interviewed thousands of individuals and helped organisations select and grow the best talent. I know what helps careers, and I know what hinders careers. I truly believe that the world would be a better place with as many women as men running companies, which led me to establish Shape Talent - a gender diversity coaching and consulting business geared at accelerating gender equality in business and beyond. In my coaching work I specialise in helping women leaders and executives to achieve their potential, navigate career transitions and ensure a fulfilling and rewarding career. As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist I bring a psychological perspective to my coaching, looking at the underlying factors that influence the way we behave and respond to situations. Where it helps the client I can use a range of psychometric assessments to bring greater clarity and self-awareness to patterns of behaviour. My clients describe me as insightful, open, warm, encouraging and focused on ensuring the client’s success.

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