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The Power of Music!

Ollie Coach, Lynne Collins, reflects on how music can take you right back to an event in a heart beat.

‘Heres a thing, Isn’t it strange how music can take you right back to an event in a heart beat’

Way back in the 70’s there was such a mix of music.  Motown was my favourite, which I picked up and enjoyed in my later years.

This morning on the radio it was 1970 music time and a particular song struck a chord, Diana Ross – No Mountain High Enough.  I remembered this song so well and the lyrics!  I was bopping along in the car, really enjoying it.

Whilst I was listening (and singing along of course), I was immediately transported back to a time when I would have been around 14 (the song hung around for a while!) I was sitting at may parents house with my first boyfriend, you could say it was my first love.  We would sit for hours playing the song in that room.  It made me feel safe, cared for and part of something.

When I was around 16 the song had a different effect, my first love no longer loved me and found another interest.  When I recalled the song again it had now been refiled in my memory as heartbreak and made me sad.

For a long time the song would make me sad.  As a broken hearted teenager I would play and play it to remember the hurt so as not to get hurt again.  Bit silly right?

All I was doing was re-affirming pain, hurt and reliving the moment over and over again.

Yet its strange how music can do this!  Of course it can do it the other way too…

I changed the song for a while to help me get over the pain, into “Gloria Gaynor – I will survive’  So at age 16 I still had the memory of hurt but this new song gave me the energy to move on.

Today in my 50’s hearing that song, I remember all this detail, without the pain and hurt that I felt.  I had changed the script, flicked the switch, I had refiled my over-riding emotion to that memory.  I enjoyed the song.

All of this capability is in every single one of us, remember the age, where you were, what you heard and the biggest emotion.  I wonder what you will notice which takes you right back to where it began and how you have already refiled your experiences to aid your future.

The Power of Music!

Lynne Collins, Ollie Coach

My background is in Corporate Communication Companies, in customer centric roles spanning 25+ years.  When my health failed, some ten years ago, I started exploring the creative art of gardening and design, which led me to look into many therapies and how each one can aid healing and development.  I have always had a keen interest in Psychology and what makes us all work and behave as we do.   I now, as an Ollie Coach, specialise in working with those who seek to become all they need to be without the limitation of box ticking, labels and expectations

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Caroline Chipper

Caroline Chipper


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