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How to Help Your Teen to Concentrate

This technique could not only give your teenager momentum in completing tasks, but could also help you in your work life should you decide to adopt it.

Have there been times throughout isolation that you’re literally tearing your hair out trying to get your teenager to just sit down and get their schoolwork done?

I recently suggested the below technique to a mum who had almost got to breaking point.

She just couldn’t seem to get her teenage son to even sit down at the table, let alone start his work!

She told me “he would go to sit down, but then get a juice, oh and he’d forgotten that the dog needed feeding, and then then he remembered he needed the loo. I just ended up screaming at him through utter frustration. Once he did sit down it took him literally hours to do just one piece of homework.“

The mum was at her wits end, and so decided to finally adopt my suggestion of using the “pomodoro technique”.

The Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Technique, named after an alarm clock that was shaped like a tomato was originally created as a time management tool to break down work into intervals.

These intervals are usually 25 minutes in length with a short break of 5 minutes followed by another 25 minutes. Then after 4 rounds there’s usually a longer break of around half an hour.

So how can you apply this to your current situation?

The goal is to reduce interruptions so that you focus for that period of time on just the task in hand.

“The results were amazing,” she said.

“I think it’s because he felt less overwhelmed and could finally see his work broken down into bite size chunks. We asked Alexa to shout out when 25 mins were up, and the difference was unbelievable.

My son actually felt good about himself because he was being congratulated by me for staying so focused and productive in a short period of time, instead of me shouting at him and being negative. 

This was draining for both me AND him, even if it was coming from a good place.”

Into Action

So are you going to give this a go?

Communicating with a teen is difficult and needs to be approached carefully, but I believe this will be received warmly as it doesn’t come across as being invasive.

Let me know how you and your teen get on / or in fact if you tried the technique for yourself.

Contact me at, and to also access my Free Guide “5 Life Changing Habits for Success”.

Becca Forshaw – Life & Mindset Coach

Becca Forshaw – Life & Mindset Coach


I help women to create and build a life & career they love. If you're feeling stuck, then I can help you to realise that You have the power to change your life. I help you to challenge your thinking. During our sessions we explore your values, vision, strategy and how you can increase your self-confidence, take that next step in your career or drive your business forward. I can help you choose a fulfilling work life, help you have better relationships, and help you to see that life can be everything you want it to be. I have worked with organisations and individuals across many areas including Times Top 100 Companies and Non Profit Organisations, and have a background of over 20 years top performing sales experience working across many sectors. If you'd like to talk to me about where you feel like you're stuck, then please get in touch via my website for a no obligation call.

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