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Feedback Frenzy

If you’ve been watching I’m a celeb, when the final night is approaching and campmates know they are going home, emotions set in and they have one last heart to heart around the campfire, sharing what the experience and importantly what each other mean to them. 

It led me to think do we have to be in a jungle to do this, without technology, distraction and generally anything else to do apart from talk to your fellow human?! Not many of us can say we have done this with friends and family. 

You can see their body language change as they hear the nice things about themselves, they begin to glow, sit taller and beam with an inner smile. If giving someone positive feedback can have this physiological effect on them think of the psychological effect that can’t be seen.

So why don’t we do it more?

It costs nothing. 

It makes someone’s day. 

It makes us feel good.  

We take for granted that people know how we think and feel about them but our internal voice can only be heard by us, we need to verbalise it to give it life. 

Let’s challenge ourselves to tell three people something unique to them that we admire and see what the reaction is.

Positivity spreads positivity, if we are willing to be courageous and start the process with people around us, we will quickly see more positive things around us. When we get really good at this our mind will start to look for the positive in even the darkest of situations, after all we can’t stop life from happening to us but that we can do is chose how we view it. 

Let’s use the festive period as an excuse to give someone a little boost this week so we become pros by January when we all need a bit of cheer!


Laura Alfred

Laura Alfred

Mindset coach

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