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A Life-Changing Meditation Technique

I came across this meditation technique in a serendipitous way and it completely changed my life. I started doing it every day a few years ago and I know that I wouldn’t be where I am without it.

The benefits I have experienced include:

  • Sense of inner peace, balance and harmony.
  • As a consequence of the above, I started to manifest more harmonious and joyful experiences.
  • It unlocked the connection with my higher guidance.
  • Key in my awakening process and spiritual development.
  • Better sleep.
  • Protection from negative energies and psychics attacks.

I know when you read it you might think it is complicated…. TRUST ME, IT IS NOT.

It might take a few repetitions to memorise the steps but when you do, it will take 5 minutes to run the technique.

At the beginning, I recorded myself reading the instructions to make it easier to follow along and that really helped.

You can find a recorded version of this meditation here.


The following description and instructions have been reproduced with permission from Not Dark Yet: The Metaphysics of the End Times by Marius D’Alexandre.

The following technique generates a pillar (or shield) of silver-white 11th and 12th dimensional liquid light frequency around the physical body and its subtle-energetic fields. It creates a powerful protection against all kinds of negative influences, thought-forms and noxious environmental energies. It will gently clear “miasmic crystals” (essentially karmic “debt”) from the subtle-energetic anatomy so as to prevent them from out picturing into one’s daily experiences in the form of illness, accidents and other unfavourable occurrences.

​ Instructions

Read through the steps and practice the visualizations and their sequence slowly for familiarity.

  1. Imagine the 2-dimensional image of a white Merkaba Star as if the image is drawn on a black background on the inside of your forehead. Then move the image to the left of the black background within your head.
  2. Imagine the 2-dimensional image of a dark silver Merkaba Star as if the image is drawn on a black background on the inside of your forehead.
  3. Move the white Merkaba Star back to the right so that it merges with the dark silver Merkaba Star, creating a composite single pale silver Merkaba Star.
  4. INHALE, while visualising the pale silver Merkaba Star at the centre of the brain in the Pineal Gland.
  5. EXHALE, while using the exhale breath to push the Merkaba Star down the energy current in the centre of the body, then out between the legs and straight down into Earth’s core (the location of Chakra 13).
  6. INHALE, and use several exhale breaths to spin in opposite directions the white and dark silver Merkaba Stars which make up the pale silver composite. Visualise the spinning stars as forming a blurred spinning pale silver ball in the centre of the Earth. Observe with each successive exhale breath, a huge, disc-shaped Crystalline Platform (or “shield”) of pale silver light extends outward from the spinning stars on a horizontal plane through the entire body of the Earth and out into the atmosphere. (The more you energise the Earth’s shield by exhaling energy outward from the spinning Merkaba Stars, the more you will sense the Earth start to feedback the energy to your body, creating a tingling sensation).
  7. INHALE, using the inhale breath to draw the silver-white spinning Merkaba Star “ball” from Earth’s spinning shield, vertically up from its position at Earth’s core, to a position 6” below your feet (Chakra 12). As you inhale the Merkaba Star upward from Earth’s core, imagine that it trails a thick cord of pale silver light behind it; one end of the silver cord remaining attached to Earth’s core, the other attached to the Merkaba Star Ball.
  8. EXHALE, with your attention on the Merkaba Star positioned 6” below your feet, and use the exhale breath to push a burst of pale silver light outward on a horizontal plane to open and activate Chakra 12.
  9. INHALE, while using the inhale breath to draw the Merkaba Star and the silver energy cord up through the centre of the body and out the top of the head, up to a position 36” above the head (Chakra 14).
  10. EXHALE, using the exhale breath to push pale silver light from the Merkaba Star, out into the transparent horizontal disc of Chakra 14.
  11. INHALE, then (whilst leaving the top section of the cord of silver light still anchored in Chakra 14 above the head) use the exhale breath to push the spinning Merkaba Star back down from Chakra 14, through the centre of the body and to a position 12 inches below the feet.
  12. INHALE, drawing pale silver light up from Earth’s core (through the bottom section of the energy cord still anchored there) into the Merkaba Star, and exhale to push silver white 11th and 12th Dimensional frequency out into a horizontal disk 12 inches below the feet. Repeat these inhale and exhale breaths, each time bringing up more silver-white light from Earth’s core and exhaling it to energise a silver-white disc below your feet (representing your personal version of the energy shield at Earth’s core). After several breaths, the disc should be visualised as having a diameter of 4ft.

At a certain moment, when the disc below your feet is fully energised, it will release a 4ft vertical pillar of light all around and running through your body (this is a temporary scalar-wave pillar of dimension 10/11/12 frequency which will block out disharmonic frequencies whilst beginning to realign the energy patterns of your body and bio-field to their original perfect natural order).

13.INHALE, imagining that the inhale breath draws the pale silver light from the pillar encasing the body into every body cell; sense the tingling as the frequency moves through the physical body.

The 12th Dimensional energy shield will, at first, remain activated for a period of 1-3 hours. After several months of daily practise, it will remain activated for 12-14 hours.


Supplementary steps for extra protection

Once the energy shield is activated, the 12th dimensional energy can be used to fortify the astral and emotional levels of the auric field. To do this:

  1. Visualise a spark of silver-white light at the pineal gland.
  2. INHALE and use the exhale to push the spark down to the shield of silver light at Earth’s core.
  3. INHALE up from Earth’s core a cord of silver light and stop it in the centre of the body at the Heart Chakra. Then use a series of inhale – exhale breaths, each time inhaling silver light up from Earth’s core and then exhaling it out the front and back of the Heart Chakra, visualising the silver light filling up the astral level of the auric field several inches outside the physical body. Continue until you feel a subtle resistance or sense of completion.
  4. Repeat the process with the mental/ emotional level of the auric field, by exhaling the energy cord down to Solar Plexus Chakra 3 and then inhaling silver light up from Earth’s core to exhale out the front and back of this chakra, filling the 3rd layer of the auric field with silver light. (In practice, for both the 3rd and 4th layers of the auric field, imagine an energetic sheath several inches outside the body being completely filled with silver-white light). It should be noted that filling the 3rd layer of the auric field with 12th dimensional frequency will quickly clear and transmute the energies of mental and emotional stress and disturbance.

Reproduced with permission from Not Dark Yet: The Metaphysics of the End Times by Marius D’Alexandre.


You can find a recorded version of this meditation here.


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