Become a Stagecoach franchisee and use your passion for performing arts

Start your own business and thrive with Stagecoach while providing a nurturing and supportive environment for creative learning


Become a Stagecoach franchisee and use your passion for performing arts

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Josh Bradley became a Stagecoach franchisee when he began to dread his job as a sixth form drama teacher. He wanted to pursue a venture that fulfilled him, rather than restricted or undervalued him.

‘As much as I love my subject, I craved a better work-life balance,’ he says. ‘As a teacher, my social life was pushed aside, and I was frustrated by the low value the education system puts on the arts. I wanted to combine my passion for education with my desire to do something rewarding with my life. The opportunity to become a Stagecoach franchisee and be my own boss intrigued me. And Stagecoach is a household name, which is a huge advantage!’

Franchisees undertake an expert induction and receive ongoing training and support in marketing, customer service, IT and business development. Their tried-and-tested structure allows franchisees to play to their strengths and provides the best possible environment for success.

In his first term, Josh’s intake of students exceeded his business model. Incredibly, during an economically challenging year, he finally attained the work-life balance he desired.

Work as a Stagecoach franchisee

‘I make my own decisions and have time for myself,’ says Josh. ‘But the biggest change has been the improvement in my mental and physical health. And, within 18 months, I’ll be taking home the same salary as before – but with freedom!’

Josh is passionate about Stagecoach Performing Arts, not only for producing the stars of tomorrow, but for supporting children in other ways, including their mental health. When building his team, he was determined to find people who felt the same.

Run your own business

‘If you are thinking about joining Stagecoach, just go for it!’ urges Josh. ‘If you’ve always wanted your own business but worry about doing it alone, becoming a Stagecoach franchisee is perfect for you because we’re so well supported. Combining my passion and my business is utterly rewarding.’

More about Stagecoach

If you are dedicated to driving change, not just in your own life but in the lives of others, visit to find out more!

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